Wealth Management

Our mission is to offer an independent and transparent portfolio construction to match our clients best interests and needs, and to provide access to solid and prestigious custodian banks.

We give a key importance to foster the integration of sustainability and ethical principle in asset management. 

Discretionary Asset Management

Through our systematic investment process starting from a global analysis of each customer’s position to the implementation of tailored solutions and continuous control over the long-term, we are offering a high quality in-depth investment strategy of portfolio management.

Active Advisory

From our access to a wide range of economic research and comments from analysts around the world our experts are providing strong knowledge and insights to support our clients in their investment choices.


Horizon Capital AG is offering a close monitoring and reporting of clients’ investments such as but not limited to investment exposure, performance attribution, risk measures as well as banking costs.

We are providing consolidated reporting across all of our clients’ custodian banks.